The Book that got me Hooked!!!

Dragonlance Hey Book Nuts,

You know how every reader has one book that really hooked them and got them interested in reading for fun? In this series of podcasts the lads from Guys Read will share the books that got us hooked.

For me, Rowdy Roddy, that book was Dragons of an Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.  It is the first book in the Chronicles series from Dragonlance.  What a great book and series for a slightly geeky preteen to find.  It has great adventure, battles, honor, death and a funny little guy named Tasselhoff who is immune from fear.  He gets into lots of crazy spots.  Take a listen to my podcast to find out more.

Download gr_dragons_of_autumn_twilight.mp3

PS. I just did a little web research and I found out they made an animated movie out of this book.  It is due out in 34 days!   


Rowdy Roddy Piper


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