What I’m Reading Right Now

Troll  Hola, Bookers

      The Book I’m reading right now is The Sea of Trolls By Nancy Farmer. This book is awesome because, it is about a guy named Jack who is in a village ruled by a Bard. A bard is someone who can call up the life force to do many different things. The life force is the force in which every thing depends on. Jack learns the way of bards and is soon needing to use it, because he is captured by the berserkers, a group of wolf-headed men. He has to live with them and meets a Half-Troll. This Half troll is the Queen of the Middle world. She sends him on a Quest to get to Mimirs well, Located at the base of the never ending Life Force tree.

Download gr_sea_of_trolls.mp3

Have Fun,

Koko Koko B. Ware

PS: The sequel to this Exellent book The Land Of Silver Apples.


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