Welcome Mr. Ambassador

Jon Hello all,

It is time for me, your esteemed Guys Read chaperone, to jump into the deep end of this blog.  Not to worry I have my Oreo Cookie water wings and a snorkel (I really had Oreo Cookie water wings when I was a kid), I will be just fine.  What I’m really getting at is that I want to begin blogging more regularly and hopefully by doing this writing I can model for our Guys Read members and encourage them all to begin to write more about reading and why it is just plain awesome.

So today I want to begin with some big news that I read about over the weekend.  The whole magical idea for our Guys Read club came to me as I was driving to Wal-Mart listening to a NPR article about Jon Scieszka and his new Guys Write for Guys Read book.  I had to sit in the car in the parking lot and finish listening to the article because it really spoke to me as a teacher and what I was seeing ever day in my classroom.

Well today it is my honor to report that Jon Scieszka has been named the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature.  This means he will travel the country preaching the gospel of reading and what he sees as his biggest challenge, turning reluctant readers into avid readers. 

I hope our little club here can help in his efforts as we spread the love of reading through our community.

Keep Reading and spreading the word,

Rowdy Rowdy Roddy

Images borrowed from  www.teenreads.com/authors/au-scieszka-jon.asp and www.actiontoys.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Scr…


One thought on “Welcome Mr. Ambassador

  1. You’re right Rowdy Roddy, we should persuade as many people it’s fun and just plain awesome to read although it will be hard. For being a member in the club too, I will also try to blog more regularly too.

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