Writing on “The Wall” or What I’m Reading Right Now

Wall Greetings cyber readers,

I was perusing a local library today and ran into a brand spanking new copy of The Wall by Peter Sis.  I had this book on my radar as it won a Cadecott Honor Award at the beginning of the week.  Peter Sis is always on my radar as I think he writes and illustrates just fantastic books. 

I checked out The Wall and had a great time reading it this afternoon.  The story in The Wall is an autobiographical look at Peter Sis’s childhood growing up in Communist Chekoslovakia before the Berlin Wall came down.  It was a fascinating read from a teaching point of view as we are about to begin talking about Eastern Europe in class and this book will become a great tool to help my students understand was life was like in the Eastern Bloc.

So if you are interested in the Cold War or life in Eastern Europe take a look at The Wall by Peter Sis.

Rowdy Keep Reading,

Rowdy Roddy

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