Maximum Ride…The Ride of a Lifetime


Angel_experiment Our favorite series of books is the Maximum Ride Series, by James Patterson.  Now I’m sure all of you think of James Patterson as a boring adult book writer, but he has some young adult series’ too.  This is a series of three sci-fi / fantasy books about a flock of six bird-human hybrids who have wings.  Both of us ( Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Akeem  ) thought the first book, The Angel Experiment, was the best of the series.  The series is packed to the brim with tons of butt-kicking action, amazing adventure, and somehow even a little romance was stuck into the books.  The “flock” is constantly on the run and/or fighting Erasers, a wolf-human hybrid which fight for the mad, evil scientists known as “The Whitecoats.”  The three books somehow all have a completely different storyline, but all three books are connected in many unexpected ways.  Another awesome twist to the series is that each character discovers their own special powers as the series goes on.  The coolest power in my opinion ( Hacksaw Jim Duggan ) was Max’s ability to fly at speeds up to 250 mph.  Akeem’s favorite power was Angel’s ability to read minds, and control people through her telepathic powers.  Overall, if we were to rank this series out of 10, we give it a 50!

So, we’ve given our opinion, now it’s time to give yours.  Have you read the Maximum Ride Series, and if so, what do you think of it?  Did you enjoy the action, or are you insane and think the series is boring?  If you didn’t read it, do you think you would enjoy it based on our thoughts?  Leave a comment and tell us what you’re thinking!

AkeemHacksaw  With love,

Hacksaw Jim and Akeem


4 thoughts on “Maximum Ride…The Ride of a Lifetime

  1. Hey Fellow Bloggers,
    I’m Carl from the library system in Charlotte, NC. My coworker Bill (who likes to be called Darth Bill) and I run a blog called Boys Rule! Boys Read! Please take a look. And may we link your blog to our site?

  2. Oooo looks like a interesting series. I think i might try to read after T.A Barrons books
    Ricky the dragon steamboat

  3. Hey Guys,
    I just picked up The Angel Experience at the library last night on your recommnedation. So far it is great. I have just finished the section where the erasers kidknapped Angel and the kids former friend identifies himself. Very cool little twist. I can’t wait to hope back in the car and continue to listen…that’s right I got it on CD! 🙂

  4. I think it’s awesome that you picked up this book because it was our favorite series. Do you see why we ( Hacksaw & Akeem ) enjoyed it so much?

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