Books on CD…are you reading?

Images Hello Blogoreaders,

I just finished a great book called Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams.  It was a great little mystery that I really got into and ended in such a fun and interesting way.  I don’t read a lot of mysteries so I was pleased that I got into this one.  Not only is the story and mystery interesting, but Abrahams also creates a group of characters that I found I really enjoyed.  My favorite was the heroine, Ingrid’s, grandfather.  In one fun scene Grampy is pressured to sell his farm to a developer.  He decides that his best solution is to use a lot of dynamite to create a lake on his land and then stock the new lake with endangered frogs.  It was a really fun side story.

I thought this was a great story and really enjoyed it, but my question for all of you is did I read Down the Rabbit Hole?  I have a bit of a commute to and from school and I started using that time to listen to books on CD a few years ago.  I love jumping in my car and heading down the road listening to a good story.  I asked my students last year if what I was doing was reading and quite a few said no, you are not reading you are listening and they are not the same.  I was a bit shocked because I thought I was understanding the novels and connecting with storyline and characters, but they disagreed and said you needed to have a paper book in your hands to read.  So, kidslit blogging world I ask you again did I read Down the Rabbit Hole?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you are thinking.

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Rowdy Roddy

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4 thoughts on “Books on CD…are you reading?

  1. Hey Rowdy,
    I think that technically, listening to an audio book is not reading, but if you’re actually paying attention, it should be considered reading. Some people will just let the story play without paying much attention to it, because they are distracted. While actually reading the book this does not happen becuase you must read the words on the page. I think if you are actually listening to the story, then it should be considered the same as if you were reading the actual book.
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan

  2. Hacksaw Jim said…”Some people will just let the story play without paying much attention to it, because they are distracted. While actually reading the book this does not happen becuase you must read the words on the page.”
    I agree that some may put the CD on and then zone out, but don’t you think people zone out when they are reading printed words on a page? I can’t tell you how many times I have read to the end of a page or chapter and then asked myself, “what did I just read?”
    I think listening to the CD actually helps me pay closer attention to the story. Plus, they get great actors and directors to read the parts and that helps me understand the emotions and feelings that you can miss when reading to yourself.
    Now don’t get me wrong I still love a book and love to hold books in my hot little hands, but if I have to sit in the car for 20 minutes I think I might as well put that time to good use.
    What do you think?

  3. I think it is reading. Wikipedia defines it in 2 ways. “Reading is the cognitive process of deriving meaning from written or printed text.” That adds on to the meaning of it isnt reading. But it was the second meaning that intruged me. The second
    meaning defines it “It is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas.” That adds on to it is because it sharing the store. In the end, it is the same as reading because you still get to understand what the author is trying to tell you. This way also adds a sense of emotions of how the reader( the one on tape) feels as they read.

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