New Reading Blog to check out

Images_4 Hey Blog World,

We here at Guys Read came across an interesting comment left by an interesting person the other day.  Our main mission at Guys Read is to spread the love of reading to the wide world.  Now we had always hoped people were reading what we wrote, but we never knew for sure if we were getting through to anyone.  We sometimes felt like NASA beaming songs into space, and waiting for a reply.  Last week we had our first contact from the wide world.  A group of guys somewhere in the blogosphere found us and linked our blog site to theirs.  We would like to thank them whole-heartedly for the ‘shout out’ and return the favor.  So when you are finished perusing our blog for new and interesting comments, please check out Boys Rule, Boys Read! and let them know what you think.

Enjoy from the whole Guys Read Gang,

Akeem Dragon Hacksaw Koko Rowdy


Brutus Macho_man

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3 thoughts on “New Reading Blog to check out

  1. I don’t think that listening to books on CD is reading, because listening and reading are two distinct things. As said on, reading is “the action or practice of a person who reads”. If you are listening to a CD, you are not in the act of reading, you are in the act of listening, or driving. Because of this, I don’t think that listening to a CD in a car is technically reading.

  2. I’m not at all discouraged, I mean the day after I put my comment up, you had it on the front page or your blog! I think that’s awesome if you really want to do that.

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