What I’m Reading Right Now…Things Not Seen

Not_seen Konichiwa blog readers!!

A great book that I just finished was called Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements. It’s about a guy named Bobby who one day mysteriously wakes up invisible. At the beginning he’s terrified, but after he tells his parents he gets less and less worried about it and can focus more on the fact that it might be good for some things. Now to get around invisible you can’t be wearing anything so Bobby is completely Buck Naked in a lot of the book. It’s winter in Chicago and its FREEZING, so he has to get used to being cold. But he figures out nifty ways to get around. One example is he bundles up fully, then when he gets to a bathroom he strips down to nothing and cruises the library completly invisible. Next time your in the library and you feel a cold breeze, it might just be an invisible person walking by! Soon he meets a girl named Alicia. But she’s the only one that wouldn’t scream, want to know why… well pick this book up at the local library and you’ll find out. He also finds another person with the same problem and her reaction to it isn’t the same as his. She likes being invisible and does not want to find a solution.  He meets a new friend has the expirience of a lifetime and learns a good lesson. I thought this book was great but leave a comment and tell me how you felt.

Koko Have Fun,

Koko B. Ware

images borrowed from http://www.amazon.com/Things-Not-Seen-Andrew-Clements/dp/0399236260 and http://www.actiontoys.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?


3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Right Now…Things Not Seen

  1. Hey koko,
    I have read Things Not Seen, too and I also thought it was a great book. I think it was written very well, and the idea for an invisible teenager was very interesting and original. If you liked the first book, try the second one, which is called “Things Hoped For”.
    Hacksaw Jim®

  2. Thanks Koko b ware, it sounds good and I would like to give it a try. I have always wanted to be invisible, but now that I know that you have to be butt naked, I should reconsider that idea.

  3. Hey Hacksaw Jim, as soon as i finished Things not Seen, I started things hoped for.I agree with you, it was a phenomanal book. Coodos to Andrew Clements. If you have read any other good boks by Andrew Clements or any other auther let me know and I’ll try it, im at that very boring time when you have nothing to read!

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