Sorry about the cancelled meeting

Hey Guys Read,

Sorry that we had to cancel the meeting today, I am not well.  I ache all over and have been coughing up a lung most of the night.  YUCK!

So here is what I would like you all to do over the next two weeks,  that’s right we have to cancel next week as well, so I can run soccer try-outs.  I would like you all to get a post written for the blog.  It can be on anything, think about the book you are reading right now.  Think about a reading issue you deal with in school or at home.  Come up with something fun and write.  Remember to work you draft out on our wiki so we can cut and paste.

The Junkyard Dog talked to me about starting The Lightning Thief and then starting Everlost and getting into Everlost more than The Lightning Thief.  That would make a great post to talk about why you switched books.

You can also check out Boys Rule Boys Read, they have a great post up about a book called Pond Scum.  It looks like a great book.  Do a little surfing on the links and you will find the author’s website which has a great book trailer movie on it.  Think about writing a comment to either the Boys Rule guys or the Author of Pond Scum, Alan Silberberg.

So I am home sick and I thought this would be a great time to get a little reading done, but Electra, my better half, told me I better take a good nap today.  So I will sneak a few pages in before I head off to night-night land.

See you all soon,


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