What I’m reading right Now

86045_gameofsunken_4cc Hola,

          What I’m Reading Right Now is The Game of Sunken Places by M.T Anderson. I think it is a great book because it is a fantasy novel. Usually I don’t read fantasy, I’m more of a Adventure or Realistic Fiction kind of guy, but our teacher recommended this book to me and I started reading it. Instantly I fell in love with the book and had to ask my parents if I could stay up later to finish of a couple chapters more. Right now I’m on the last chapter and grieving over the fact that I will soon have to move onto another book. In The Game of Sunken Places, the two main characters, Brian and Gregory, are invited to go down to Gregory’s uncles house. All of the neighbors beg for them to go back, because recently a real estate agent was found dead at the Grendal Estate. What they didn’t know was that they were about to enter the Largest, Most Horrible, Dangerous game of there life!

Try out this book. Check it out at the local library or pick it up at the Bookstore, But where ever you get it from I can guarantee you will love it. Leave me a comment and tell me how YOU liked the book.


Koko Koko B. Ware

Images borrowed from http://www.scholastic.com/titles/features/fantasy/sunkenplaces_rrr.asp and http://www.actiontoys.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?


4 thoughts on “What I’m reading right Now

  1. Hey, this is Carl from the Boys Rule Boys Read blog. This book sounds good. Have you read his book Whales on Stilts? It’s funny! We reviewed it on 8-16-07. I called it the Goofiest Book of the Year.

  2. Hey Koko,
    I have read this book also, and I loved it just as much as you! I thought the storyline was genius, and the action and suspense in the story keeps you awake, you being a prime example of that. I wish there was a second one….
    Hacksaw Jim

  3. Sounds like a great book Koko B. Ware, I already got it checked out from the library and I’m going to read it too after I finished the other book I’m reading. Is the game about places that disappeared?

  4. Great review, I loved the book just the certain feeling of uncertainess after the incident at the train stop. And the great vocabulary M.T. Anderson uses to desrcibe the giant in his home with his all-of-a-jumble belongings.

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