Great Recommendation…Maximum Ride

Hey Guys Read,

As you no doubt read in an earlier post, Hacksaw Jim and Akeem, praised the series Maximum Ride.  After hearing a bit about the series, I decided to give it a try.  I just finished the first book two days ago and I have to say that Hacksaw and Akeem were right on the money, Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment is a great book. 

I thought the way that James Patterson got the language of a teenager was cool.  I know he has a younger son, so he must have been listening in. 

As I finished the story I noticed that Max left us a challenge to find out more by visiting the Maximum Ride website.  I did, and saw a great trailer for what looked like a movie.  Maximum Ride would make a great movie and I guess the world agrees, as they received some gigantic number of votes to bring Max and the flock to Hollywood. 

The strange thing was just an hour after I found the website and planned to share it with my students, they had changed the site to an advertisement proclaiming the newest Maximum Ride book, due out in late March.

Anyway the book was great, lots of my students are now diving in full force to the excitement of Maximum Ride.  If you haven’t read it yet, maybe it’s time to start.

Rowdy Rowdy Roddy


3 thoughts on “Great Recommendation…Maximum Ride

  1. Rowdy Roddy,
    I saw that Maximum ride is going to be made into a movie, coming out sometime in the range of fall 2008.
    I agree that this book is a thrilling book and I read a lot the first day I started. I am already done with the first book and about 1/3 done of the second. I looked on youtube for things about maximum ride characters and theres a lot of weired japanese manga pictures about them. I saw some that were pretty good portrayings of them. A lot of people must like this book if they got theme songs even!
    Tell me what your ideas on the people for the characters should be. I would love to hear from you.

  2. Well, I’m done with the third book, a great recomendation to you guys out there who like a good action book. To be completly honest, that was some of the best fight scenes I’ve read. Good book and cant wait for 4th.
    Read on readers,
    Ricky zee dragon

  3. Hey Roddy and all you other guys,
    This is Carl from Boys Rule Boys Read. Have you checked out our March Madness of Books and our Sweet 16 of Books contests? Take a look! (They’re on our first 2 posts for march)

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