Another Great ‘Ride’

Maximum Ride


Saving the world and other extreme sports

  Konichowa ,

                        I just finished an awesome book called Maximum Ride. Now Maximum Ride is a kid who was injected with bird DNA. She is scientifically called an Avian-Human Hybrid. Pretty much saying a freak kid! So if you have read the post from Hacksaw and Akeem,

you know that there is a “flock,” catch the bird humor there? of six and they have some serious problems with the School that created them. They are on a mission to destroy Itex, a business that pretty much rules the world making baby bottles to Flat screen TVs. In this book they find out some secrets about themselves and there origins. Some good but some, well not so pleasing! One of the flock members has a blog he started and is really going to come in handy when they have an interference with Itex. But to really get this book you have to read the 1st and 2nd book. The angel experience,  and Schools out- forever are extremely well written and there will soon be a 4th book coming out March 17th or in that time zone neighborhood. To check out the website visit I’ll be back and tell those of you interested in the series about the fourth book.

  Koko                        Enjoy,

Koko B. Ware


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