Peep Jousting… Literary Style

  Now, some of you may have read about peep jousting on the Boys Rule Boys Read blog. Well, we read that post and decided to try it out for ourselves.   Here are the results of the Guys Read version of Literary Peep Jousting.

P3051073P3051070 Just before the battle the tension was high between Brian Jacques and J.K Rowling. The battle was fierce and gruesome but Brian Jacques came out on top. Poor J.K Rowling was flattened by Brian’s pointy toothpick of doom, but we knew she was gonna lose, this is a GUYS Read blog! 



For the second battle we pitted the two most extravagant wizard rock bands on the globe, Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys. The battle was hard and gooey, but oh so tasty. Mua Ha HA Ha! But both met their end, it was a TIE!

And so the Peep Jousting Tournament came to a dramatic close with spectators pulling crusted warriors from where they lay to feast as only Guys can.P3051083

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They Guys Read Gang

Dragon Junkyard_dog

Koko_2 Rowdy                         


One thought on “Peep Jousting… Literary Style

  1. Thanks, guys! Darth Bill just started his vacation this afternoon, but I’ll tell him about this. Looks like you had fun!
    Carl from BRBR
    PS–I got Andre and Koko’s votes. Will post them soon.

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