What I’m Reading Right Now…Whales on Stilts


Yola bloggers,

            I just finished reading another book by M.T. Anderson, Whales on Stilts. I recently did a post on the Game of Sunken Places. Well now he’s taking a whole different approach to story writing. In this book a girl named Lily has a dad who works for an agency that hardly anybody knows anything about. Now maybe your dad works for a technology company or another common business, but this company makes stilts for WHALES!!!! Also with the purchase of a pair of stilts you get a pair of laser shooting eyes. Now the company boss, well you guessed it, is a whale. But maybe you didn’t guess that he wants to take over the world. And the stilts and the laser eyes make the perfect combo for World Domination! Mua Ha Ha Ha!

            Now Lily is and ordinary girl, but her friends are far from it! Katie, from the Horror Hollow series has a HUGE fan club and is Extremely popular. Jasper, Boy Technonaut, well isn’t so popular, but has a very good imagination, building skills and a very well created brain.

             To save the world from the wrath of the slimy mammals, they come up with some interesting innovations and inventions.  Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Koko Enjoy,

    Koko B. Ware


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Right Now…Whales on Stilts

  1. Yes, i agree with you Carl, It is a hilarious book with all the laser eye equipped whales on stilts. Only a geniuse like Anderson could have created a book that good. I am getting ready to read the Clues of the Lenolium Lederhausem (or something like that???). Rowdy Roddy recommended it to me. Also carl, I like how you guys are doing the book competitions, that is very, very cool and I’ll keep checking up on that, I think Harry Potter and the Time Warp Trio will make it to the finals. Let the Best Book Win!!

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