Guys Read Literary Madness (Final Four)

Farside20114 Hey Madness Lovers,

The final four is here! 

We did have a very surprising upset with the number nine seed Far Side Books taking out Harry Potter, 13 to 9.  I thought Harry Potter had the magic to take it all the way, but I guess those crazy one-panel drawings just brought a better game.

Take a look at the final four bracket and leave us a comment telling us who you think should move on to the championship game.  You can also predict the final champion.  Because we are tracked out right now, we are only accepting on line voting so hit that comment button and let us know who should move on!  Final four voting will be open through next Wednesday.  Check back after Wednesday to see who made it through and then vote for the champion.

                          Far Side Books


City of Ember Trilogy



Guys Write for Guys Read


The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson Series)

Rowdy_3 Battle on,

Rowdy Roddy


3 thoughts on “Guys Read Literary Madness (Final Four)

  1. Ok, I missed rounds 2 and 3, but I gotta put in my vote for Percy Jackson and for City of Ember. Sorry Mr. Sciezcka!

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