Ode to Percy Jackson

Poet Hey all you beret-wearers,

Step into our poets corner. Because we have been thinking a lot about poetry in class, and the release of the New Percy Jackson book, we decided to write a few short poems for Percy Jackson and his friends. We started trying to write Haikus, but the ridgid structure confused us enough that we had to add an extra line.  We call them Haiku + 1.  So sit back, pull on your blackest turtleneck, draw on your goatee, pour a hot cup of Joe and enjoy our Ode to Percy Jackson.


Percy in danger

uncapping his sword, Riptide

into the battle

Minotaur horn at his waist


smart, blonde architect

her New York cap conceals her

met Percy at camp

but still afraid of spiders


daughter of great Zeus

traveling to camp wth friends

was turned into tree

now alive and being goth


disguised as a boy

Grover is short and hairy

trapped on an island

wishing for pretty naiads


abandoned cyclops

saved Percy from flaming balls

Tyson is his name

works at underwater forge


once a trusted friend

Luke became a backstabber

smithing Backbiter

taking sides with old Kronos

So what do you think?   Do we get the jazz poet snaps?  Hit that comment button and share some of your thoughts or even poems.

Andre Signed yours truly,

Andre the Giant and Ricky Ze DragonDragon


One thought on “Ode to Percy Jackson

  1. Really cool, daddy-o. I dig that Percy Jackson jive. How about I do a haiku for you? It’s about me and the new book. (get your bongos going)
    Carl at Boys Rule Boys Read
    Patiently waiting
    For the new Percy Jackson,
    Carl sits, sits, sits, SITS!!!!
    Carl in Charlotte

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