Samurai Shortstop So Far…

Image_cover_samurai_small What’s Up Blogosphere,

Samurai? Shortstop? That doesn’t sound right to me. Not according to Alan Gratz author of the book, Samurai Shortstop. We have just started reading this engrossing tale of a boy named Toyo and his ancestral samurai past.  As the modern swing hits Japan in 1890 their feudal society collapses. Those loyal to this way of life fought the change and many committed seppuku, in other words ritual suicide with a sword. Participants of this ritual go through a gory scene blood gashing to and fro as the samurai forms a triangle from his stomach to his heart with a razor sharp blade called a wakizashi. As Toyo mourns the loss of his uncle after his seppuku, Toyo, a talented shortstop considers baseball at his school as a distraction.  This is a interesting story with lots of guy action like potty humor and sports.

We won’t spoil the rest of the story for you, but do yourself a favor find a copy of Samurai Shortstop and give it a read.

SMS Guys Read Is happy to announce that Alan Gratz will visit both our club and our school later this week.

We look forward to asking him questions about his life, his writing, influences and of course Samurai Shortstop.

Check back at the end of the week for more information from our visit and a special surprise a la Rick Riordan’s visit.

Keep Reading,

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