A Visit from Alan Gratz

P5220061 Hello Readers,

SMS Guys Read was honored to welcome author Alan Gratz to our school today.  We got to hear from Mr. Gratz in a big group presentation and then again in a smaller group meeting.

Mr. Gratz gave a great presentation and we all had a fine time hearing stories about how Samurai Shortstop came to be.  Can you imagine writing a book for nine months and then rewriting it for a whole year!

In our smaller group meeting they guys from SMS Guys Read got the opportunity to interview Mr. Gratz.  We completed about a twelve minute interview that you can hear in it’s entirely below.

Download alan_gratz_interview.mp3

After we completed the interview Mr. Gratz signed a few books, he has a cool stamp that represents his last name in Japanese, and then the guys and Mr. Gratz had an enlightening discussion on books, being a guy and what makes a good guys book.

It was a very cool time hearing about the process of writing and how guys play a big role in Mr. Gratz’s books.

We hope you enjoy the interview and look for Samurai Shortstop and other Alan Gratz books in a bookshop near you.

P5220076The guys at SMS Guys Read


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