Movie Madness: Should Eldest be Made into a Movie?

Eldest Welcome back reading freaks,

Since the upset with the Eragon movie, we’ve been arguing about whether or not Eldest should hit the big screen.  Now, since Eldest is going to be made into a movie, it’s become an even bigger deal.  So, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Akeem are going to fight to the death to decide if it deserves the glory of a movie or not.  So, check out the podcast and then leave a comment telling us what you think.

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Hacksaw Jim & Akeem




10 thoughts on “Movie Madness: Should Eldest be Made into a Movie?

  1. Some books should definitely be made into movies, like The Lightning Thief and Harry Potter and Narnia. That book Pond Scum, that Rowdy Roddy is reading, would make a great movie! I haven’t read Eragon, but I heard it wasn’t that great to begin with, so how could they make something good out of it? I’ve heard that Eldest is better, so maybe it’ll turn out better.

  2. i dont think Eldest should be made into a movie because if the same director films the movie it is just going 2 degrade the book which was awesome.

  3. To comment on tubbtmctubtub’s comment, I don’ think that Eldest would be a very good movie,unless they got a new director, but it would not improve much. But I think that they will still make a movie of Eldest because no matter how bad it is, it will still sell.

  4. Good pont King Kong..
    I think you’re right that even if a movie is horrible it will still sell, but the people who saw the movie and think it was horrible may not want to read the book because of it’s movie. Which leads to one of the Guys Read Club Quotes – “Never Judge A Book By It’s Movie” Pure genuis….
    Hacksaw Jim

  5. I think that Eldest should only be made into a movie after they remake Eragon. That movie did the book no justice. So many key characters were altered or omitted that there is no way that Eldest could be good. They need to get a new director who won’t mess with the original story line because even the smallest details in the first story become alot more prominent in Eldest.

  6. Eldest is a great book and it could be a great movie as well. The movie Eragon is a disgrace. I blame the director, although the casting for the movie was just as pathetic. Peter Jackson did a fair job with LOTR maybe he would be a better choice. Either way I agree that Eragon should be remade. What do you think, maybe in animation?

  7. They should most definitely make eldest a movie after they remake eragon. The first movie was horrible and will also make the next one just as bad because of it. This series is probably the best I’ve ever read and I cant wait till the fourth book is released, but eldest should not be made until the failure of eragon is redone.

  8. yessssss please make eldest it’s awsome if you don;t read the book and if you do Ed Speelers is awsome and so is Garrett Hundlund,please Fox make the movie it could turn it around if you work hard pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee there are tonnes of fans who love the movie and books so they will watch it please tell us soon.

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