I Know my Guy Books, Do You?

A book can be called a Guy book as long as it has action. A lot of classics are extremely sissy about love and despair. But a guy book contains gun fights and outwitting your enemies with only a sword. Guy books are also really funny with jokes that make girls go eew.. and guys say whoah. Guy books also have things such as suicide for failing or a win against the underdogs, or such things as sport rituals, where you lose a couple of teeth, a pint of blood, or a black eye. Then there are also stories about prisons such as Alcatraz which I can tell you a lot about after I read the true story of an ex-convict and written about an ex-convict that goes by the name of Darwin E. Coon. Other things that could be considered guy-ish are dares such as swimming in a strong river that empties out in a sewer drain or to wrestle an alligator with a hand tied behind your back. And to sum it all up, one thing that makes a book a guy book, is a book that a girl will quickly put down and a book a guy will read twice, and still remember it on his death bed.

My Guys Read List

Marlfox by Brian Jacques

The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer

Alcatraz: The True End of the Line by


E. Colfer




 by Percy Jackson

Long Patrol by Brian Jacques


Andre the Giant


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