Hacksaw ‘s 07-08 School Year’s Read Books

Watsup Blogosphere,

I’ve put together a list of the books I’ve read during the 2007-2008 school year in a way I’m sure you’ve never seen or heard of.  It’s called a Meosphere, and it’s a cool way to display some of the things you’ve done.  You can choose to make your own personal list, or you can choose a list from the home page, and add on the things you’ve done.  So, my Meosphere is extremely massive because I’ve made lists of so many different topics.  But, since this is a reading club, I’m going to focus mainly on the books list.  Since I made this recently, I can’t remember lots of the books I’ve read, so the list is much shorter than it would be.  If you want to make your own Meosphere, then just head over to Meosphere.com and make an account.

Check out my Meosphere right here….

So check out my list, leave a comment, and don’t forget to make your own Meosphere account.

Hacksaw With love,

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

PS.  I Challenge you all to make a Meosphere bigger than mine!  Leave a comment if you do, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen…


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