A Story in 100 Words

Old_computer_keyboard_i Hello readers, and soon to be writers,

As some of you know I am not just one of the best children’s literature bloggers, but I also teach in my spare time.  🙂  The other day I ran across a very interesting blog entry on Ewan McIntosh’s tech education blog.  He linked to another interesting blog challenging us all to write, and publish online, a 100 word story.  The rules were very simple, write a story, but you can only use 100 words, no more, no less.

I loved the idea and I posed this 100 word story challenge to our SMS Guys Read club at our last meeting.  We got some interesting results.  I even gave the challenge a crack.  Check out my story…

Ego Surfing

By Rowdy Roddy

I’m a boxer; they call me the Tuscaloosa Kid.  I’m a veterinarian, the rat vet of the year.  I’m an African Missionary, in danger of being hanged.  I’m a couple of different software engineers, doing IT stuff.  I’m a racing cyclist, with eight consecutive national championships.  I’m a photographer; I snap animals in the wild.  I’m a lawyer, counseling companies and individuals.  I’m a teacher, blogging about the joys of guys reading.  I sell Chevrolets in Aylmer, Ontario.  I am all of these things and I am none of these things.  If you want to find out about yourself, Google.

So now I challege all of you out there to give this 100 word story a try.  The rule for us was that the title did not count against you.  Have fun, be creative, it’s only 100 words!

Hit the comment button and put your story up…you can claimed your published.

Rowdy Read and Write on,

Rowdy Roddy


One thought on “A Story in 100 Words

  1. D-DAY
    During the year of 1944 there was one day that stood above all. This was during the Second World War. This day was June 6th. June 6th, 1944 was the day that American allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. The Americans also had some help from the British, the Canadians, and the French. We went there to break through the Nazi forces in France and give freedom to all of the people in Europe. We lost a lot of American soldiers on D-Day and people still remember this day today. I will never ever forget the tragic D-Day.

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