What’s More Macho?

Macho_man Hey Heroic Nerds,

We were surfing around our new favorite reading blog, Guys Lit Wire and found this awesome post about the book Kon Tiki.

The Guys Lit Wire author talks about the Kon Tiki journey this way…

"The creed of the heroic nerd is, No experiment is so insanely dangerous that it can’t be made slightly more insanely dangerous with a side experiment. Over the course of their 101-day journey, storms howl and the sun beats down, two men are almost lost at sea, and they must fend off a whale shark that nearly capsizes their raft. And when all that gets boring, they decide to try catching sharks with their bare hands."

He goes on to say "For the purposes of this article, I ran the numbers through multiple computer simulations. It turns out that the only thing more macho than catching a shark with your bare hands would be storming a Nazi machine gun nest using you own lit farts as a flamethrower."

We feel that SMS Guys Read that this quote needed to be bloged by us and a challenge presented to the Blogosphere.

So, The challenge is what is more Macho than catching a shark with your bare hands or attacking Nazis with only a match and your own gas ( if you know what I mean )? Come up with your own ideas about your own Macho act and hit that comment button and share it with us.

Read on Heroic Nerds,

Rowdy Koko Andre Rowdy Roddy, Koko B. Ware and Andre the Giant


4 thoughts on “What’s More Macho?

  1. What is more macho than catching a shark with your bare hands…not much, but try this on for size.
    Playing limbo with flaming tennis balls down the front of your pants.

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