39 Clues: According to Randy Macho Man and Junkyard Dog

39 39 Clues

Hey Blogosphere,

          The SMS Guys Read club has heard the stir about the 39 Clues a mystery about a millionaire who dies and gives relatives around the world the choice between one million dollars or a quest to become the richest person in the world. What would you do? How do you think the story will unfold?

Junkyard_dog Junkyard Dog: I think this series will come out great, one reason is that many different authors are writing this series so you can look at their books if you like them. Also if you don’t like an author, for the next book it will be a different author so you might like that one better.

Macho_man Randy Macho Man: I think the story will have a great impact for both boys and girls because it is interesting and edgy. If I was in that situation, I don’t know what I would do and because the series is written by many authors each reader can find something appealing to their taste. I can’t wait till the book comes out!

Would you like to read this series? Have you read the two chapters at the website yet? If so, then comment on this.

Peace out homies,

Junkyard Dog and Randy Macho Man


2 thoughts on “39 Clues: According to Randy Macho Man and Junkyard Dog

  1. Hey guys, Doink here, sorry i couldn’t make the meeting. I was busy. Anyways, I definetly want to read the series it looks awesome. Plus, call me a coward but i would take the million and run. That’s all for now, see ya! Doink

  2. hey, King Kong here, you know what would be cool if they actually turned this book into to one of those settings where a big impact in history changes everything like Napoleon won at Waterloo.

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