Physik is not always a science term

Wassup readers,


            Jake the Snake Roberts has just finished this book called Physik by Angie Sage. If you’ve read the first two of the Septimus Heap series, then you’ll love Physik, the third of the bunch. The main character is Septimus heap, who is apprenticed to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Marcia. The ExtraOrdinary Wizard is a wizard who is the most powerful being in the castle. There is not a set setting, however they live in a castle next to the river. When a mysterious sickness starts taking over the castle, the only one who can stop it is Marcellus Pye. Unfortunately he is no more ( aka : He Dead). When Marcellus pulls Septimus through a time glass, Septimus ends up in a time period in exactly the same spot in the castle that he got dragged through in, 500 years later. Marcellus forces Septimus to become an alchemy apprentice. When Septimus tries to escape he meets Hugo who is a castle servant. When his sister Jenna, who is the Princess,falls through the glass, she is thought to be the drowned princess from 500 years ago. When they meet back, they have to destroy the tyrant queen and escape through the glass before it is too late. If you like wizardry and quests, this is the book for you.


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