You may never want to go there ever again….

Am_chill What’s up ThrilloChilloScaros!

I have been recently hooked on a horror series called American Chillers by Jonathan Rand.  So far he has 25 books about different states, including South Carolina, Montana, and many more.  He claims all of his books are true, but I do not believe that all of them are.  These books will capture your minds and make you keep reading.  You do not have to read them in order, as at the end of the book the main character meets the main character for the next book.  I would recommend this book for anyone who loves the R. L Stein books and wants a good scary book.  Also, he has another line of books called Michigan Chillers, Which is based after just Michigan.  There are only 14 books in that series, but sounds good.  From his site, it seems like there is going to be another book in the American Chillers series, this one about Hawaii.

Your local scardycat,

Dragon Ricky the Dragon- Scared of Koko B Ware more then these books


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