I’ve got the 39 Clues

P9090064 Hello lads,

Well I have spent some of my hard earned teaching dough and purchased the entire 39 Clues Maze of Bones book.  I am very excited to dive into the last few chapters that my Advanced Reader’s Copy ruthlessly left out.  I also picked up a card pack so I am fully ready to immerse myself into this amazing publishing feat, though I do admit that I may be in a bit over my head.  This appears to be a heavy duty game.P9090066

This afternoon I created my account on the 39 Clues website.  I answered the questions and was placed in the Janus branch of the Cahill family.  It was the closest thing to being sorted that I have felt outside of at Harry Potter sorting hat ceremony.  I feel honored to share a family branch with the likes of Picasso and Spielberg.  Many of the SMS Guys Read members also created accounts today and we have a full range of family branches in the club.  For some reason it seems that Ekaterina is popular in the middle school set.

A couple of guys and I did manage to work out one clue from the website, we solved the Heinrich Heinrichson card.  Don’t ask what the answer is, but take it from me if we can do it, you can do it.

One cool thing about the website is that after you are sorted into family branches you are given access to that area of the website, but not any of the other three.  After solving the card clue we were given a reading that a few of the others guys screamed was part of their family notes and we were sneaking in on their secret documents.  The SMS Guys Read club meetings could get interesting in the next few weeks as members team up and divide off to try and find their ways through the 39 Clues.

So I will leave you to it.  Let the games begin.  I expect a wild ride and at the very least a great set of books worthy of the Guys Read stamp of approval.

off to read,

Rowdy_2 Rowdy Roddy


4 thoughts on “I’ve got the 39 Clues

  1. We just talked about this book this morning and most of us had never even heard of this. OBVIOUSLY we are not in the know! How do you guys find out about new books?
    We look forward to hearing more and maybe even reading the book.
    Be careful not to spend all of your money on this series!

  2. Hey fellow SMS members. I have created an account named dstur111 on the 39 clues website and my family branch is Janus. Doink

  3. Hey guys,
    I finished the Maze of Bones last night. It was a cool semi-cliffhanger ending and now I am super excited to get the second book.
    If anyone wants to read my copy stop by and let me know.

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