My Family According to Ozzy

9781590184516 The biography I just finished is The Osbournes by Andy Koopmans, a book that compilates Ozzy Osbourne’s life and career. I think this book is very odd I’m not saying that it’s bad because it is really interesting. It tells all about how Ozzy overcame drugs and his first relationship. An interesting story that I learned from this book is that when Ozzy Osbourne was a teenager. He started out stealing from stores behind his house, but he wore fingerless gloves because he didn’t know that police can find the suspect by fingerprints. Eventually he was caught and sent to jail, and during his time in jail he wrote OZZY on his fingers using a needle and ink. Another weird story I learned from this story is that when Ozzy and his business agent, later to become his wife, wanted to dazzle a record company by showing up with doves in his sleeves. But Ozzy showed up drunk, and bit off the head of a dove, although they decided to reamain his record company he was banned from the building.

This just shows that biographies are a lot more interesting as long as you pick up the right book, and the good thing about biographies about celebrities that you always find out something wacky that they have done in their lives.


Andre_the_giant Andre the Giant


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