A Voyage I wouldn’t Want To Be On

Voyage Today I’m writing a review about the Voyage of Slaves by Brian Jacques. This book is a sort of a sequel of Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, well if you have read Castaways of the Flying Dutchman you would know that the boy, Ben and Ned his companion can’t age. So, in other words they are immortal, but in the Voyage of Slaves Ben and his dog, Ned (yes, Ben’s companion is a dog) are separated when they are picked up somewhere between Cyprus and Egypt.

Well, anyway these two have a mental telepathy, so they can talk to each other without talking out loud. And Ben after he is pulled out of his shaggy boat he is slugged in the back of the head and is shipped to land, where he is sold to a slave trader. After he has been transported to the slave trader’s estate in the desert he meets up with his dog who was being taking care of by a band of entertainers. After a long debate, the slave trader proposes to transport the entertainers, Ben, and Ned, back to the entertainer’s home town of Vicenza, Italy.

That is how far I have gotten, but I will finish it in the next five days. This book is a great book because it has a very exciting plot, and knowing Brian Jacques(pronounce "Jakes") there is definitely going to be more struggles for Ben and Ned, which will make it ever more exciting.This book is a definite must-read, but it would help if you read the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, first. So, just click that comment button and share your thoughts with Andre the Giant.



Andre the Giant


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