Wringer Hey Guys!   

Have you read Wringer by Jerry Spinelli? What a great book! I read this book back in the beginning of 2007 and still remember it just like yesterday. The book "Wringer" is about a 9 year old boy that turns ten. In this boy’s town once you have turned ten you are now eligible to wring the necks of the pigeons after they are shot in an annual charity pigeon shoot.  Most of the birds die in the air, but a few get ‘winged’ and need a little help to the afterlife.  That is where the wringers come in.  Palmer Laure (one of the main characters) is terrified and afraid to wring a bird’s neck. The popular bully "Beans" is friends with Palmer but Palmer doesn’t like Beans very much. An interesting pet comes into Palmer’s life that makes the ending very intriguing.  So you are going to have to read the book to find out everything! Happy Reading!

Mountie The Mountie


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