Aren’t we all Knuckleheads?

Knucklehead Hey Knuckleheads,

I say this with the utmost laud and honor, as from what I can tell from the recent web surfing, knucklehead is a term of endearment to our great and wonderful creator Mr. Jon Scieszka. He enjoys the term so much he has just published a semi-memoir, semi-autobiography about his life growing up with five brother with that title.

The book was new to me when I found it on the Penguin website, but after watching the trailer and listening to the excerpt, both narrated by Scieszka, I am hooked.

Loyal readers of SMS Guys Read will know that Jon Scieszka is the reason that we have a club and do all of the crazy and silly reading things that we do.  This new book I’m sure will be on par with his Guys Write for Guys Read book and give us all some insight to his twisted, and fantastic, sensibilities.

In the book Scieszka tells numerous true and mostly true stories about growing up a boy in a family of boys.  I am posting a challenge to all SMS Guys Read members and anyone else who feels the need to participate.  I want you all to hit that comment button and tell us a Knucklehead story.  You can tell us a true story about something that has happened to you, or your brother or both you and your brothers with your dad.  The stories can be true, or mostly true, as stories tend to get more elaborate (and interesting with retelling), or completely fiction.  Have fun with this one.

To get this challenge going I will kick off with one of my own knucklehead stories. 

My grandparents had a summer cabin on a beautiful lake in western Montana when I was a kid.  It was a glacier fed lake and really cold all the time, but we would swim in it just the same.  On a hot day it was a refreshing dip.  My dad used to swim the fifty yards or so between our dock and the dock at the neighbors.  He didn’t use goggles so he kept his eyes closed sometimes and then opened them when he needed to.  My brother and I would watch him go back and forth, back and forth and decided that he needed a little extra stimulation in his exercise.  So we gathered a few wet sticks from the shore and calmly cruised the rocky shore tossing in the sticks near my swimming father.  The goal was not to hit him but to the sticks in his way, a sort of swimming obstacle course.  We succeeded in finding our target and got a stick right in front of dad.  He swam right up onto the stick and commenced a walkin’ on the water.  My brother and I of course found this absolutely hilarious and didn’t feel bad at all about almost giving our father a heart attack as he thought the stick was a giant water snake swimming right for his eyeballs.

I can’t remember if he called us knuckleheads that day, but it certainly would be in my father’s vocabulary.

So hit that comment button and share a knucklehead story about your life.  Remember true, mostly true or completely made up.  How can you go wrong?

If you don’t see your comment right away, remember they have to be opened by me and reviewed first.  Check back in a day or so.

Rowdy Read on Knuckleheads,

Rowdy Roddy


8 thoughts on “Aren’t we all Knuckleheads?

  1. This is about my brother, and this is how it goes…
    My brother had just gotten a new bike, after changing from the one where you backpedal to stop. My dad tried to tell him you have to squeeze the brake, but he didnt listen. I’m on a big hill, so he goes down the driveway, which was at an angle, and couldn’t stop. All of the sudden he blows off a drop and into a creek at the end of our driveway across the street. That was probably eight or nine years ago.
    What a knucklehead!

  2. One summer I went to my grandparents house with my family including my new puppy. I’d been bored and was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels. Next thing I knew, I was hungry. I went into the kitchen and saw a box of crackers. As I started to eat, an idea form in my head. I called for my puppy and she came running.I held up a cracker and I grinned. I gave her a few seconds to lick it and then picked up a few more crackers. I walked out the backdoor and offered him the puppy slobber cracker. He took it and bit it. I could’t control myself and burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” I couldn’t answer for a while. When I did I said “Choxie liked THAT cracker.” Then he gulped and put down the cracker and said “Stinkerpot.” That’s my Knucklehead story.

  3. Yo peeps!
    I have THE BEST knucklehead story EVER! Here’s what happened:
    My friend and I were riding our bikes at the park. There was a grassy, slippery hill. Can you guess what happened? I was riding down the hill and hit the brakes. They didn’t work. I was riding full speed down the hill straight at a stump. Suddenly my friend hit me head-on! Didn’t see that coming didja? Know what I said as soon as I got out of the ER with TWO BROKEN ARMS? “What were you thinking you KNUCKLEHEAD?!”

  4. One day I was on my way to Boy Scouts. We stitll had some time to get there. I looked down and noticed, I had NO SHOES ON!!! I shouted to my mom, “I don’t have shoes on!” So we turned around and went back home to get them. My mom didn’t say anything, but I though I was truly a knucklehead!

  5. One day I was picking up cups and cleaning and my dad was sitting on the couch while I was getting stains out from some other knucklehead story. As I was bending over my dad was putting his icy cold soda on the table. He missed and poured it all over my head. My face turned red!

  6. It was April’s Fools Day. My brother had a haircut the day before and thought it was embarrassing. Now I was only 5. The rest of my family decided to put washable glue on a baseball hat and told him to put it on so nobody would see the haircut. Just when he was about to put it on I yelled, “Let me try it on first!” I put the hat on. The hat got stuck on MY head for like 2 days.

  7. I was at a party for my friend’s birthday doing the conga line. One, two, kick is the pattern right? Well I was doing it fine but when my friend’s mom came by with the punch bowl in her arms, I went one, two, kick and made her trip. She fell and her head fell straight into the punch bowl. Everyone laughed very hard. She got really, really mad!

  8. Oh Yeah, My Knucklehead story is the BEST!!!!!!!!!
    One day, my friend and I wanted to set up a lemonade stand. Bussiness was slow,so we decided to have a moving lemonade stand. I hooked up my wagon to the back of my bike with some rope, and my friend got in the wagon with the goods and I drove. We get to the top of a hill, and I forgot all about my friend, so I go speeding down the hill. Needless to say, when I stopped for the Stop Sign, my friend went speeding by me, and eventually yanking my bike out from underneath me and sending me flying.
    What knuckleheads we were!!!

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