Why I Hate Scary Books, or Thank Goodness for Gary Larson

So with All Hallows Eve just a few short days away I thougth it appropriate to set aside a few moments of my busy day to talk with all of you loyal SMS Guys Read  readers about the terrors of scary books.


I have decided to pod cast my reactions to a book I was forced into reading by my current students (they even told me I had to read it at night before bed!  Pure torture!) and discuss with full emotional range my true feelings on the whole horror genre and the cure I have developed to rid my brain of horrible horror images.

Download Horror.mp3

Please hit the button and give your computer time to load up the audio file.  I think you will be glad you did.

 Happy Horror (yuck) Reading,

Rowdy Roddy


photo retrieved on Oct. 29 from everystockphoto.


4 thoughts on “Why I Hate Scary Books, or Thank Goodness for Gary Larson

  1. Hey Rowdy Roddy,
    I listened to your podcast and I couldn’t agree more!!I don’t like scary books or movies either. That’s why I don’t read Twilight or Goosebumps or etc. You’ll notice that I don’t review horror books. OK, so I did review that illustrated Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but that’s as much funny as scary–and scary today isn’t what scary was back in my day. Did you see that animated version of Sleepy Hollow I put up? That’s as bad as it got. Just enough to give you a little chill but not enough to send you into tremors of terror. That stuff isn’t good for you, guys! I try to keep my reading and my reviews along the principles of, “Whatever is good, whatever is true, whatever is honorable,praiseworthy, etc., think about these things.” You are what you put into your heads. Think about that!

  2. Wassup
    First off great podcast really enjoyed the review. Now lets get down to buisness, well, sort of. Scary books Love ’em. Scary movies not so much. I guess its just the whole thing of when you read a book you can control what the character looks like because its not on a screen, however in a movie it is on a screen. And even then some horror movies dont freak me out. Such as alein vs. predator and such. But its a different story wuth The Chain saw Massacre, Saw, Chucky. Ugghhh! You get the picture, or shall I say Movie. Im on Fire!! JKJKJK. No, but for real I can see your side of the story Rowdy. I think its just a matter of what creeps you out. Like im sure theres some horror movies or books that you would really enjoy, they just havent shown up yet. So maybe for now stick to Starwars and Less scary but definitly gross, graphic, intense GUY books.
    Keep Reading
    Koko B. Ware

  3. Following back to Koko B. Ware, I agree to your scary book and movie theory. I personally have never read a book that has freaked me out, but I have seen a bunch of movies that have freaked me out. Like this one movie about this guy that sees the number 23 everywhere. for the next two days I was getting 23 everyhwere, but then I got 61 and my problems were over. Anywho back to books, I am not a very imaginative person, but reading helps me with this. But my lack of imagination does not appear when I am paranoid. I think of things like odd ocurrences in my life and the such. This is the reason I find scary movies scary because I don’t need any imagination, but books don’t freak me because I can control everything(Koko B. Ware)
    Andre the Giant

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