Happy Birthday SMS Guys Read

Hey Book Lovers,

Believe it or not, but one year ago today SMS Guys Read was born.  Some might call it a rebirth as we did have an earlier version of Guys Read the year before, but it died a slow and quiet death.  November 6, 2007 was the day that we brought the blog back online and set up the club as it now stands, SMS Guys Read.

We have had loads of crazy and exciting times over this last year.  We have gone on trips to meet authors like Rick Riordan.  We have had authors, like Alan Gratz come to visit us.  We even spent a memorable lunch microwaving marshmallow peeps!


Like on all good birthdays we decided that we would have some treats at our last meeting.  As you can see the brownie binge was a quick affair.  I cannon impress on you enough just how fast those brownies went.  It was like wild dogs after a lame deer.


Not only did we make very short work of a huge stack of brownies, but we also took a few minutes to reflect on SMS Guys Read.  A few members, new and old, shared their thoughts on the club and what keeps them coming.  It was a great day.  Check out our podcast, remember it might take a few minutes to download so be patient.  You could always grab a book while you wait.

Download happy_birthday_gr.mp3

Keep Reading,

Rowdy Roddy


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday SMS Guys Read

  1. Congrats. We just celebrated our one year as a book club too, and as has happend every month Max spilled his drink on the rug! We are up to 22 “guys”. Have a great second year.

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