Sorry about the cancelled meeting

Hey Guys,

Sorry I had to cancel the meeting for tomorrow, but I think you will dig the reason.  I got a golden ticket from our trusty school librarian that allows me, and only me, into our county library system's book sale the day before it opens.  I can pull books right off the stacks and walk right out the door.  No money, no questions asked!  So it is safe the say that the SMS Guys Read shelf will be well stocked come Wednesday.


I have a couple of cool ideas of what we can do with some or all of the books.  Have you ever heard of Bookcrossing?

I think we might adapt that for our school and our blog.

So next week we will meet and if you can't wait stop by my classroom and will share the bounty.



On another note I got a cool comment from someone named Kyle.  They wrote…

Congrats. We just celebrated our
one year as a book club too, and as has happend every month Max spilled
his drink on the rug! We are up to 22 "guys". Have a great second year.

I would love to know more about Max and Kyle's club.  What types of books do they like, do they all read the same books and then discuss?  Hey Kyle shoot us another comment and give us a little more info.

Tell Max he might want to try a sippy cup, then tend not to leak. 

Read on fellow guys,

Rowdy Roddy


One thought on “Sorry about the cancelled meeting

  1. I can’t wait to give Max a sippy cup! Right now half the group is reading One Small Step by BP Kerr and the other half is reading The Navigator by Eion McNamee. We have grown to about 22 guys, so my team teacher (another male third grade teacher named Kyle) is helping out. Stop by my blog to see more.

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