SMS Guys Read Book Game Challenge

Hey guys,

So as you know I had to cancel last week's meeting so I could go and pick through the stacks at our annual county library book sale.  I came out with two big boxes of guys read books.

After staring at those boxes for a few days the inner recesses of my slightly twisted mind came up with what I think is a pretty fine idea.  My thought was have each GR member pick a book out of a bag, blind, and then have them podcast their reactions to the book.  Not a bad idea for a book club right?

So today we put the Book Game into motion.  My original bag idea had to make way for the top drawer of my file cabinet, but everything else went right to plan.  Each member, we were a little shy of members today as it was the day before a long Thanksgiving break, reached in and pulled out a book.  All laughed and a few turned their noses up.  Two tried to trade, but they all agreed to the rules, which were no trading and you get what you get.

After a few minutes to read and explore their books each guy gave their first impressions of their book.  Take a listen to their ideas on our now semi-weekly podcast.

Download Book game

So now we have a week to read and decide if the book fate tossed them was worth their time.  I expect a few pulled hidden gems and others might have got stuck with coal, but all will have a good experience reading something of a book they might never have touched otherwise.

Now that you know about our book game challenge, go put your own into play.  Grab a few friends and a few books you haven't read, and get going.  You never know what might be lurking right under your nose and between those book covers.

Talk to you in a week, if not sooner.

Rowdy Roddy


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