Book Game…Week Two


Hello readers,

As most of the loyal readers of our fantastic blog will remember we started a game last week that challenged our members to pull a book out of a box and then read some of it.  Well today we have some reactions to the books they pulled.  Some finished the books and were pleasantly surprised.  Others got just a few pages in and left the book for dead.  Check out our podcast to hear more from the guys.

Download Book game week 2

Not only did we get reaction from they guys who were present last week, but five guys that had to miss last week got into the game.  They pulled the remaining five books and recorded their first thoughts about the books they pulled.  Take a listen to their initial reactions.

Download Book Game Group Two


Rowdy Roddy


One thought on “Book Game…Week Two

  1. What a great idea! I hope that students find books that they enjoyed. I just blog rolled your site and hope to get a lot ofgood suggestions, since I, unfortunately, have never been a boy but have to get books into the hands of middle school guys! Thanks for the help!

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