Run-On Books

Have you ever had to stop at a certain point in a series beacause of some reason such as your aunt died. Well my aunt didn't die, but I've had to stop a number of series because I could not find the next book. One example is the Ranger's Apprentice series, and I stopped before the book, Battle of Skandia. I still have a vague idea of what is happening and still know that the cool guy with a bow is Halt. My reason for this post is to jog your memory of any books you may have stopped for whatever reason.


I just hate when you start a gripping series such as the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, when the author doesn't write as fast as you read. Although, how many complaints you send(just kidding) it won't speed up the process. At the time Brisingr came out I was just about to go to the beach, and I had to read Eragon and Eldest to refresh my memory. So by the time i had finished those two monstorus books I only had a week to read Brisingr befores school, but it didn't matter to me I'm just glad I have a book that will lats me more than a few nights.

Just a reminder, jog that mem(that's short for memory) and hunt for the rest of that series, and if it's not there reserve at a local library.


Andre the Giant    Andre the Giant


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