Book Review: Eragon


 Hey dudes,

    I've just started reading the book: Eragon. I thought the book was all right, but more on the good side. I usually love to read books that has magic to do with it, but somehow I just didn't like the writing style of it. Also there isn't enough action for me. So far I'm at the part where Eragon just healed, after bringing his uncle, who is extremely hurt, to the village near his home.

    Have you read Eragon? Did you like it? Did you get confused by it? If you have, then hit that comment button, and comment about what you think of the book.

    Junkyard Dog 

The Junkyard Dog


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Eragon

  1. I have long maintained that Mr. Paolini spend the first 15 years of his life locked in a closet with the works of Tolkien, then was ordered to write a book. This is cruel, but I really didn’t like the books. The guys here disagree with me, but I’m not looking forward to reading Brisingr.

  2. Hey Karen I think that this may not be your style because if you do not like the writting style of Mr. Paolini, is maybe that you are tired by his sort of writing. Please tell me if I am wrong and if I am tell me why you don’t like the Inheritance trilogy.

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