The Hunger Games…may not sit well in your stomach

Hey Readers,

So I just finished the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I got turned onto this book through another reading club we have here at our school called The Newbery Club.  They read as many of the books that are available for Newbery consideration and then vote as a group for their choice.  A few of the members told me The Hunger Games was in the lead and would probably win the Newbery.

I picked it up right after Christmas and wow, what a powerful book.


Take a listen to my audio podcast review of The Hunger Games…

Download Hunger games

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Rowdy Roddy


3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games…may not sit well in your stomach

  1. Hey! I haven’t read Hunger Games yet but heard it’s great!
    I would love to send you an ARC of my “boy book” called Waiting To Score. It features a hockey player, but is an edgier book. Here’s the blurb:
    In J.E. MacLeod’s Waiting to Score, Zack Chase, new in town, gets a crash course in the dangerous, fast-paced lives of local teen athletes. A good-looking, book-loving hockey star, Zack’s also expected to be a womanizing, alcohol-abusing party animal, but it’s not who he is. As jealous, obnoxious team captain Mac hounds him, Zack falls for Goth-girl Jane and befriends her teammate brother, both with their own secrets. Tragedy strikes and affects them all in this true-to-life debut novel, giving readers an insight into the lives of high school students and athletes.
    If you’d like an ARC for review, shoot me an email!

  2. The unger games is the most wonderfull book anyone could ever makes u feel like ur there and u can see,smell and feel everything that is in the book.

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