Hey readers,

It's Ric Flair back and badder than ever. I am bloggin about the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series. I love it, so should all guys out there.  It totally connect with most guys living in a middle school world.  I feel like I can totally relate to the main character and how he feels.  This series is just a good laugh.

It is about a boy who's life is not just quite right. I mean this kid is super skinny and just a hair on the geeky side.  Greg Heffley has a weird friend who loves to be around him.  Greg feels like he need his space. This clingy friend is called Rowley.  In the second story called Rodderick Rules, Greg has a secret that he was one time trapped in a women's bathroom.  He was caught and completely embarrassed and he got grounded for like life or something.  What would you do in that situation?

Trust me, you will laugh your pages off. Respond to me and let me know what your think about the Wimpy Kid series.  Hit that comment button and let it flow…or are you too wimpy?


Ric Flair




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