Eragon:The Book Vs The Movie

Hey guys,

    I just watched the movie "Eragon" during our break right after reading the book. It is so true when they say"the book is always better than the movie". The movie had skipped almost all the most important parts. I know they have to make to make the movie short but they even changed some parts that wouldn't even take that long to make, like the death of Brom.

    What do you think about the movie and the book? Just click on the comment button and show your thoughts.                                            Movie                                                Book

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3 thoughts on “Eragon:The Book Vs The Movie

  1. I agree with you Junkyard dog, completly! I mean none of the important parts were in the movie. ESPECIALLY Broms death! What happened to Eragons blessing and Saphirias diamond tomb?

  2. Book & Series = Brilliant, extremely good read.
    Movie = C . R . A . P ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    The only things that are similar/same between the movie and book are:
    -Character/Place Names
    -Not much else
    They completely destroyed the book, they relocated scenes, changed lines, and REMOVED THE MAIN PART OF THE BOOK -> instead of showing Eragon and Saphiras development, its just a movie about a dragon and magic, with not much of that anyway…
    I went through the movie and book a couple of times and wrote a QUICK list of everything that was wrong… it was over 6 pages…
    I hope Christopher Paolini demands a better director (Peter Jackson maybe?) if any of the other books in the series will make it to film… that’s if the movie will get any support what-so-ever…

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