Salem Reads….Coraline

Hello Readers,

For those of you who are regular visitors to our little corner of the blogosphere, welcome back.  For those of you who may be visiting us for the first time…a SMS Guys Read welcome to you all.

For the next few weeks our school, nay our community, will be participating in a really cool event know as Salem Reads.  Each year we pick a novel that our whole school community can read and discuss.  That means as many teachers, students, couselors, coaches, media specialists, principals, and even parents as we can we want involved.  How cool to have read a book that so many people around you have also read and can talk about.  This year we have decided to use Newbery winner Neil Gaiman as our jumping off point and choose his creepy little novella, Coraline.



Starting today Salem will begin reading, and for some of us, rereading this great little story.  Over the next few weeks we will use both the school and this blog to have discussions about the book and all things related. 

The media center is currently chock full of Scholastic Book Fair books, including a hefty pile of very reasonably priced Coraline novels.  Students should really think about letting the poster of Eli Manning, the red Porche and the silly two foot long bendy pencil go and pick up a Coraline novel instead.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

So we read and we discuss and we participate in lunch activities for the next little while and then on March 13, which just happens to be a Friday, we all meet at the school for a creepy, evening with Coraline.  Many more details about that night of shenanigans to come.

For a lot of students this may be the first time you have commented on a blog.  Come on in the cyber water is fine.  When commenting, just remember a few things. 

First all comments are moderated by me and that means I check them before they are published online.  Please remember this is a school activity and all comments need to be school appropriate. 

Second, you should never use your full name online.  Think about using just your first name or even better come up with a cool alter ego.  I go by Rowdy Roddy Piper (only the greatest WWF wrestler of the 1980s) as mine. 

Third, let's try to get a really good online conversation going.  That means read other comments and reply to them directly.  Ask thought provoking questions and challenge other readers.  If you do it well then we can have a lot of fun discussing and debating this novel.

So I will begin with a few choice questions to start us off.  Think of a response and hit that comment button.  Think of a new question and get it posted. 

What do you think of the Salem Reads idea?  Do you think you will read the book?  Have you already read the book?  Do you have any favorite characters?  Did you see the movie?  Was it any good?

Take a stab at any or all of the above questions.  Come back daily and see what is new.  Here we go Salem…let's read Coraline!!!

  Read on,

Rowdy Rowdy Roddy


26 thoughts on “Salem Reads….Coraline

  1. Dear Rowdy Roddy,
    I am very excited about Salem Reads and I LOVED Coraline – the book. She was such a brave character to stand up against the “other Mother”. Neil Gaiman has a creepy style of writing that kept me turning the pages. The novel is fairly short so I think that having the whole school read it is a great way to build conversations around my favorite leisure activity – reading.
    As for the movie, it was a lot of fun! The whole animation process was intriguing. Even though the movie was somewhat different, I enjoyed it almost as much as the book. I do recommend that everyone read the book FIRST!
    I can’t wait to hear more from others!! If you haven’t read the Graveyard Book, get on the list at the library. It’s one of my all time favorites! I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman now.
    Rita Book

  2. So here is my Coraline story. As you may well know I am not a big fan of horror books, so last year I decided to give this little Coraline book a try. I had seen it and heard a little about it, but the biggest reason I picked it up was that it was supposed to be creepy, and that meant I could fudge it for a horror book. I like to read at least one book in each genre over the course of a school year and I always fudge the horror book, because I don’t like to be scared!
    I really got into the book and enjoyed reading it start to finish. I love fantasy books and Coraline does a great job of transporting you into another world that is equal parts silly and creepy.
    I am looking forward to both rereading the book, so I can engage in educated conversations with students, teachers and parents and seeing the film.
    I am also excited about our Salem Reads program and hope that we can get a good amount of our little community going on this book and that it can spiral into more reading and bigger conversations.
    I am now very interested in Neil Gaiman and look forward to reading lots of his other work, including the Newbery winning Graveyard Book.

  3. Dear Rowdy Roddy,
    I’m into horror books so i’ll be looking foreword to Coraline. When I finish Coraline I’ll see the movie. Right now I’m reading Scat but when I finish that I’ll read Coraline.
    I know the movie will be a bit different from the book, because they always change it up! Hopefully the movie will be as good as I’ve heard the book is!

  4. I have not read the book Coraline and don’t want to, really. I started reading it about a year ago, and I couldn’t get past the first chapter or so. The whole things with the old ladys and they were calling her Caroline instead of Coraline was not very interesting. I guess I might read it again, but I’m still not sure. I do know that the author, Neil Gaiman, wrote another book called “The Graveyard Book” and that I do want to read. Just not Coraline.

  5. The book Coraline is really good. I have seen the movie it was awesome! I think that the book was better than the movie because in the book it had more detail. The movie left out some parts,I thougt that they left a lot of important details that needed to be in the movie. In the movie when she opened the door it had this colorful swirly thingy that led to the other world, but in the book it was just a hall that led to the door. I think the author did a really good job writing the book. I also can’t wait to read his Newbery winner book called The Graveyard Book. Hopefully I get to read it soon.

  6. Hey,
    I want to tell you about my expireance with Coraline. Over the weekend my friend horse angel and I went and saw the film. I have not read the book, but I enjoyed the movie. Some of the parts in the movie were funny. Like when Whybe was taking pictures next to the slug. My friend horse angel started melting down, she is super crazy about slugs and couldn’t even look at the movie screen. There were also several parts that were a little creepy. Like when the other mother changes forms in to a spider-like person and hovers over Coraline telling her she can’t leave.
    I hope to read the book Coraline soon.

  7. Hey,
    I haven’t yet read Coraline and wasn’t planning on reading this horror story. My mom however thinks I need to read a variety of books and I neeevveerr thought I would like horror books so I
    never even tried. Now I’m going to read it with my mom who is probably going to talk in creepy voices making it a frightening first horror book. Hopefully I do better than Mr.H with Wait Till Helen Comes. I’ll get back to you if I like it.

  8. I have not been able to see the movie or read the book I was just wondering if some one would like to tell me if you think the book is good or not. I was also wondering if it is really scary and is the book any thing like the movie if any one has seen it and has read the book. I dont know if I want to see the movie or not it seems kind of freaky. I do not like movies that are really creapy. they scare me.

  9. Hey Salem readers,
    Jolly Fat Nicholas wrote a great comment this evening about his reading habits. He first talks about how rhe wasn’t sure he liked the horror genre, I hear you their Nick, but how after giving it a go he really started to love it. I think that is awesome!!! I love to hear about readers jumping to a new genre and getting hooked.
    Ol’ Jolly Nick also talked about how he was planning to read Coraline with his mom. What a great idea, a book about mothers and other mothers, what better than to read the book with your mom. I think I might like to come over to your house and hear your mom read in a creepy voice.
    Great posting Nick, keep it up.
    Rowdy Roddy

  10. I think that the book Coraline is AMAZING!!!!! Even though i have read the book once a few years ago, I think that i will read again to refreash my memory! I really can’t wait because i think that I am going to go see the movie it looks really creepy!!!!!!! My favorite part in the book is the beggining because of the mice!! The are soooo wicked. Got to go now fellow readers, have fun with coraline!
    bye Rose Petal 🙂

  11. I have heard many good comments about this, and now I shall add my own.
    At first when I saw this book, I thought it would be girly. After seeing the commercials for the movie, and read a bit of the book, I think it will be a good read. I didnt start it yet, as im engrossed with another book. I shall comment again after I read this book.
    ~Ricky D.

  12. i have seen the commercials for the movie and the book. i dont think it would be very good. haveing buttons for eyes seems kind of strange;<

  13. I think this book might be a weird but good read. I want to get started asap. I can’t wait.I really like how it is kind of creepy yet funny. Say hi to and Mr.Bobo for me!I really want to meet him that would be so cool.

  14. my mice think that Caroline,I mean Coraline,is their savior. I hear that she saved her parents and three ghosts. Thanks to her my mice will play oohmpa oohmpa and toodle oodle.
    for those who haven’t read the book,mr.BoBo has a mouse circus and calls coraline caroline.

  15. I am NOT going to read Coraline! There are a couple of reasons. One, I am interested interested in other books. Two, I’m already reading Skulduggery Pleasant. Three, I don’t think it has enough action for me. Sorry Coraline, I’m not seeing the movie either.

  16. I just got the book coraline and I can’t wait to read it . everyone seems to have mixed feelings about the book but I am going to go ahead and read it anyways.

  17. I like mysteries with all of the suspence and everything but I am scared to see the movie from the previews it seams really creepy just like clowns are creepy.

  18. To tell you the truth I think that the Salem Reads idea is a very good idea. It is a good way to tell other people about great new and older books. It also helps people really understand what they are reading because they are able to have conversations with other people that have read and have not read the book. This helps you really understand what you are reading. So over all I think salem reads is a really great idea. What do you think about salem reads?

  19. Dear Rowdy Roddy,
    I heard that the Coraline was a good movie so I’m looking forward to reading the book and seeing the movie for myself. I’m planing to come on March 13 to the Salem Coraline night to discuss the book and more. . .

  20. I belive that this book will be amazing however, I don’t know how much I will enjoy it considering that i have not seen the movie and do not know to much about the book. I will try to get a copy of this book and read it to suport our salem reads!

  21. I read Coraline, only a little though. But it wasn’t that scary or suspenful. I just want to know wat is behind that door and finish it. I’m not into those kind of books. The ones they call scary but really aren’t. I call it a rip off if you ask me. I’m not saying that its a bad book, its just not for me.
    See ya,
    The Hey Man

  22. I have been reading Coraline and got to page 110 and if by that time you haven’t been freaked out you yourself are freaky. Come on, I mean please, it isn’t that scary but certain antics (like regurgitating a key and draining souls) are kind of freaky. This is certaintly a good read and totaly suggest to scare yourself to sleep with Coraline.
    Da Pimpest,
    Mr. Pimpin

  23. I just finished the books a few days ago, I thought the book was pretty good. It wasn’t that scary, but kind of creepy. It was one of the most interesting book I ever read.

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