Skulduggery Peasant. Barebone Detective(literally!)

   Hey, its Ricky the Dragon here with a review of a book I just finsihed a few days ago, Skulduggery Peasant by Derek Landy.  It starts out with the death of a writer Gordan Elsely, seemingly of natural reasons.  At the reading of the will, a man fully clothed, nothing showing is present.  When the road is flooded and and the neice is alone by herself,  "things" attack.  To her rescue comes the mesterous detective, Skulduggery Peasant, and in the fighting, his true indentity is revealed.  As the story continues into a world of evil, monsters, magic, and a truce that is on the verge of tatters.  I dont want to spoil too much of this amazing book, but there is also a sequel which I shall start very soon.  I shall be back in a few weeks and tell you all about the next book, Playing with fire.

Your skeletal reader,

~Ricky of Dragon Steamboat


One thought on “Skulduggery Peasant. Barebone Detective(literally!)

  1. Hey I forgot all about the meeting and I would like to know the URL to sign in to the blog, so I can write my post.
    Again so sorry not to make it,
    Andre the Giant

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