Zombie Haikus or Poetry from the Undead


Hello readers,

Have you heard of the book Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum?  We found it today while surfing the kid's lit blogosphere over to GuysLitWire.  What a fantastic book for guys everywhere.  I have in the past expressed my desire to stay away from anything horror related or generally scary, but I find this book more funny than scary and would really like to check it out further.

The basic premise of the book is that of a normal poetry journal of a man who has been infected and is slowly becoming a zombie.  The haikus in the beginning of the journal are normal somewhat boring poems, but as the zombie infection takes hold the poems become more and more violent and, some students might say, interesting.

Here is a quick sample of a Zombie haiku from the journal…

Little old ladies
speed away in their wheelchairs,
frightened meals on wheels.

So we here at SMS Guys Read have spent the last 20 minutes crafting some of our own Zombie Haikus for your reading pleasure.


Rowdy Roddy


SMS Guys Read Zombie Haikus


The old man's fresh brain

A little bland for my taste

need a little salt

    -Rowdy Roddy


Running Through the woods

The shouts of desperation

The screams aren't from me

-Koko B. Ware


Fresh dog heads so small

like chinese appetizers

 very very good

-Ric Flair


My mom was reall tasty

So was my dad and dog

I gave my sister away

-Adam Bomb


If I freeze the brain,

would it be a brainsicle

I think I'll try it

-El Matador


knaw knaw knaw knaw knaw

slurp slurp gulp run run swallow

regurgitate yum

    -The Undertaker


 guy's small intestine

spagetti six miles long

blood makes a good sauce

    -Ricky the Dragon




9 thoughts on “Zombie Haikus or Poetry from the Undead

  1. Sweet indeed, SMS Guys Read! I’m going to have to pick up the book. My favorites here are definitely Rick Flair’s “Chinese appetizers” line and the fact that Adam Bomb gave his sister away.
    Good Choice!
    Here’s my Zombie Haiku effort:
    Life of the Undead:
    A never ending buffet
    of human rump roast!

  2. A little too gruesome for my taste, but I as a grandmother of middle school boys, I can see why you guys enjoy it. I’ve got to show this to my grandsons and get their take on it. Glad you found the book so inspiring.

  3. I got one that I think is pretty good
    They say we like the brains best
    But we enjoy HEARTS!

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