Starving for the Hunger Games

Hey all you awesome bloggers out there I would just like to share my concern with you that I was gone but here I am.

So, recently or more like 3 days ago I got the Hunger Games from the local library, and I just started it and it is great. My expectations for this book were very high after hearing all the great reviews. I WOULD HAVE BEEN CRUSHED if the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins did not live up to my expectations.

Let me just set you up with some plot: There is this character named Katniss Everdeen who enters the Hunger Games because her sister is drawn for the HUNGER GAMES. This is no honor in region 12 because the tributes or contestants aren't expected to come back alive. I just stopped at the place where she is riding on the train to the Capitol, when I jumped up to the computer to tell you about this amazing book.

If you liked my post or you want to share what you liked about the Hunger Games take that mouse and click the comment button.


Andre the Giant


4 thoughts on “Starving for the Hunger Games

  1. Hey Andre,
    I also read the “Hunger Games” recently, I thought it was one of the best book I ever read. If I rated the book from 1-10, I’d give it a 10. Do you know when the next book comes out?

  2. Hello All,
    Hunger Games was one of the best books that I read during the entire past year. The story is so compelling I could not put it down. Our adult book club will be discussing this book the next time we meet so I’m looking forward to seeing how other adults feel about a book where a reality game means death for a whole group of kids.
    Rita Book

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