Prophets and terrorists

Hullo Guy Reader People,

I am reading the book The Prophet of Yonwood right now. This book is about a little town that's terrified of terrorists, and this is in the future, so everyone is a terrorist! This may not work for them. They have a "prophet" too, which is this whacked lady who has to be strapped to a bed that mumbles random words of a fiery future, and the whole town listens! on their wired cell phones!

It's pretty good, but it's really hard to follow. Everything happens really fast and the main charachter does'nt think about anything, like, like when she met a boy when asking what he heard on his cell phone, the one wired to the "prophet". She irrationally decides to fall in love with him. She doesn't even know his name.

                                       El Matador



One thought on “Prophets and terrorists

  1. I’ve read both the first and second books of the City of Ember Series. I’m always trying to read the third book, but get into a different book before I even start it.

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