Starving for the Hunger Games Part 2

Well I'm back! Finished the book in like three days, and let me say I'm just glad that there's a sequel in the making. The ending left me hanging, but I was not disappointed because I knew that there was a sequel.

Let me just sum it up nicely for you….Katniss wins with her District 12 partner. She was originally was going to go double suicide with her partner, but then all the viewers would be disappointed, so the Capitol let them both win. There attempted suicide greatly showed up the Capitol, and showed that the Capitol actually isn't as strong as they want everyone else to believe.

If you have read the book maybe you can help me out with this question I have floating around in my mind.

Will the next book be about the Games or about the Katniss going to live in the woods with Gale?

If you think you know the answer or you would just like to comment feel free to comment on my post.

Your dearest,

Andre the GiantAndre the Giant


3 thoughts on “Starving for the Hunger Games Part 2

  1. As i was reading the Hunger Games it filled me both with exitement and sadnes, this book is amazing and of of the best books i have ever read. As for the sequel for the Hunger Games i think that it will be about the r4evenge that the Capitol will put upon Katnis, Peta and distric 12. As i am just a 12 year old boy i really enjoyed this book and like how it ended, Susan Collins sure knows how to keep you hagging on this book and i am extremely exited for the sequel.
    A great fan: Sebastian Lalonde

  2. OMG what book i cannot wait untill the secound book i have already pre-order the book “Catching Fire”
    as for ur question i think the sequel will be about Katniss and Peeta leading all the Districts to war against Capitol and each distric will have a leader i think Gale will be the leader for district 12
    then Katniss will get back together with Peeta and goes to tell Gale but then Gale proposes to her and she accepts
    and thats how i think it will end and she will write another

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