Guys Read Literary Madness Round Two or The Elite Eight

Round one is finished and like the basketball tournament we had some big blowouts and nail-biters.

We had two complete runaways with both the 39 Cues and The Hunger Games getting all of the votes and blanking Scat and the Demonata Series. 

The Graveyard Book fought mightily but came up just behind the almost unstoppable Percy Jackson.  Just a side note I found out today Rick Riordan will be at our local bookseller, Quail Ridge Books on May 16.

The closest pairing was between the Bartimaeus Trilogy and Life as We Knew it.  The Bartimaeus books were well liked last year by a group of now 7th graders and that same group read Life as We Knew It in class and really enjoyed it as well.  It was a hard fought win for the disaster book.

With round one completed we know need to move on to round two or the Elite Eight.  Take a look at the new bracket and hit that comment button to make your picks.  Remember you don't have to read the books to make your pick.  Just do a little online research and pick the book you think you might like to read.

1. 39 Clues


9. Percy Jackson


5. Maximum Ride


4. Life as We Knew It



3. Hunger Games


6. Science Fair


7. Young James Bond


2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Check back next week and see who make it to the final four!!!  How do you decide between the 39 Cues and Percy Jackson?  The Hunger Games vs Science Fair….No fair I loved both of those books!

Rowdy Roddy's Picks…

Percy Jackson

Maximum Ride

Science Fair (hard pick here.  I really enjoyed both books, but Science Fair was just such a fun read I had to pick it here.)

Young James Bond


6 thoughts on “Guys Read Literary Madness Round Two or The Elite Eight

  1. Oh man! How can you put 39 Clues against Percy! So hard to choose!
    I am going with:
    Percy Jackson, Life as we Knew It, Hunger Games, and DWK.
    Keep Reading everyone!

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