Percy Jackson Mythology Bee

This Tuesday our school hosted a fantastic event known as the Percy Jackson Mythology Bee.  This Bee allows middle grade students to compete against each other in basic, and not so basic, Greek Mythology trivia. 

Each school winner is entered into a drawing with some great prizes.  The Grand Prize is a trip for four to Greece with Rick Riordan.  Unfortunately you have to be between 10 and 15.  After reading some of the advanced questions I don't think I would have won anyway.

We had a great time answering some really challenging questions and hearing some just plain fantastic answers.  The drama was high as we narrowed to participant list down to two.

Take a look at a few choice picks…


"This test is really hard!!!!"


Ricky the Dragon doing a little pre-bee cramming


How fitting that our school mascot is the Spartans.


Round Two and the top ten challengers.  The school winner was the young man in the front with the grey shirt on.

 We all had a great time, even when someone claimed that the mother of Ladon, the Nemean Lion, and the Chimaera was…Enchilada!  The real answer was Echidna.  🙂

Don't forget that the new Percy Jackson book, The Last Olympian will be out May 5.  Rick Riordan will be in our area just after the book release.  Plan on coming out.

Read on Olympians,

Rowdy Roddy


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