Beggin’ Mom or How to get the next Percy Jackson book

 Hi, this is The Undertaker and Adam Bomb, we are going to teach you how to beg your mom for books on your way home from a Guys Read club meeting. 

  Way number 1:

 The classic whine with Bambi eyes, like so: Pweety pwease mommy, wit a chweery ontop.

Way number 2:

 Beg WITH YOUR LIFE MAN!!!: PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!! If you don't buy it my life will be RUINED! I will never do well in school again, Mom, I will end up in a box behind a Wal-mart eating chicken bones out of the dumpster from the bar next door, all because YOU DID NOT BUY ME THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way number 3:

Promise to do stuff like: Clean you room, Wash the walls, Clip the cats toe nails, paint the trees, help her with work, stuff like that.

Way number 4(if she questions why you need to go that very instant):

Say that all the other kids at school will laugh at you cause you don't have the book. Promise to work it off or see way number 3.

Way Number 5:

Lie and tell her that your teacher told you that you need to have it for class tomorrow.

and last but not least, Way number 6:

Suggest the closest bookstore. Saving gas always makes a mom happy

Yours truly, 

Adam Bomb and The Undertaker

P.S. NEVER EVER beg in front of a sibling cause' they'll come up with reasons why you don't deserve the book.


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